Economic Development & Construction

Projects Carried Out to Upgrade Industry


The Hamhung Branch of the State Academy of Sciences has undertaken a series of scientific research projects to stimulate the growth of the national economy.

It now focuses on solving scientific and technological problems arising in applying heatproof and anti-corrosive top coats to the inner walls of combustion furnaces, an important issue for the construction of the Sunchon Phosphatic Fertilizer Factory.

After setting up a basic experimental process, it pushes ahead with preparations for the trial run on an expansion basis while taking immediate measures to solve the problems arising in the composition of process and test run.

It also steps up the undertaking to make equipment and devices needed for the operation of the Sunchon Phosphatic Fertilizer Factory.

Scientists of the branch intensify research to establish C1 chemical industry.

They have already made and installed over 100 pieces of equipment in some 40 kinds. On the basis of this achievement they conducted the test run of the ethylene generation and vinyl acetate and aldehyde acetate production processes to fix technical indices of each process.

Marked successes have been achieved in their research to solve scientific and technical problems arising in upgrading the Sinuiju Chemical Fibre Factory.

Scientists are now pressing on with the work to fix the condition of making a paper sizing agent and select suitable raw materials for paper production stage by stage. And they have established a process of retrieving caustic soda from pulp waste.

They are making careful technical preparations for the making of a Lyocell fibre spinning solvent and the production of a fuming sulphuric acid for Lyocell fibre spinning, while taking immediate steps to solve scientific and technical problems that arise as various production processes have been set up.

A project is under way to establish a caustic soda trial production process based on the ion-exchange membrane method.

They have also undertaken research projects to improve the performance of ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer while solving scientific and technological problems arising in the introduction of blood gas analyser as part of a programme for the domestic production of essential medicine intermediates and medical appliances.

They are also carrying on the project to regulate the reaction conditions of gas generator including the temperature and remodel measuring facilities at the Hungnam Fertilizer Complex.

They have introduced a real-time density measuring system in the water electrolysis process to ensure the density of alkaline electrolyte and are now working to introduce a magnetized treatment device for the prevention of scale into various water cooling systems.

After remodelling the speed measuring device of the horizontal spinning workshop of the February 8 Vinalon Complex, they properly solved problems arising in normal operation of refractometer.


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