Patriotic People

Key players

Ri Jong Su at the scientific information lab of the revolutionary relics preservation institute of the Hamhung Branch of the State Academy of Sciences is a Merited Scientist, candidate academician, professor and PhD.

He has conducted scientific research at the branch for nearly five decades as a researcher, section chief and deputy director for scientific research, making a notable contribution to the development of the country’s science and technology and eternal preservation of relics.

He developed four kinds of antioxidant acrylic plastic coating materials which are used for the preservation of relics to solve the problem arising in producing ultraviolet masking plastic and metal product discoloration prevention filming material, which have been introduced across the country. And he invented a new silverware preservation method.

In the course of it, he was awarded a February 16 Science and Technology Prize and trained many academic degree and title holders and competent researchers.

In his eighties he authored a book this year, which comprehensively deals with the effect of external environment on relics, methods of preserving photo, film, paper and fibre relics and application of nanotechnology.

He is now working as chairman of the academic degree thesis deliberation committee in high polymer chemistry panel.

Choe Jong Gil, associate professor and PhD at the organic chemistry institute, is also a proficient researcher.

He recently developed a method of making and recycling a catalyst for synthesizing ethylene-based vinyl acetate, an important component part for establishing C1 chemical industry.

Vinyl acetate is one of the raw materials of organic chemical industry which is used in the largest amount in the world at present.

According to experts, it is the key issue to set up a process of producing vinyl acetate from ethylene which starts from anthracite coal, especially to obtain a catalyst for synthesizing vinyl acetate which is used in this process.

The vinyl acetate synthesizing technology with ethylene as a raw material has been set as a patent.

Choe conducted intensive scientific research despite lack of materials and succeeded in making in Korean way a catalyst for vinyl acetate synthesis with ethylene on the basis of abundant local raw materials.

He said that domestic production of vinyl acetate is possible as the activity, selectivity, lifetime and mechanical strength of the catalyst are high.


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