Successes in Medical Service

The medical workers of the North Hwanghae Provincial People’s Hospital are making remarkable successes in their work.

In close cooperation with a unit of specializing in manufacturing medical appliances, they developed medical equipment to be used in treating patients.

Early this year, they succeeded in the operation of removing multiple giant tumour from Kim Hyon Sim, a 35-year-old female resident in Saesallim-dong in Songnim City, by means of laparoscope developed by themselves. As it is designed to use DC, it is widely used not only in other hospitals but in mobile medical service units.

They developed a laryngoscope, which displays a patient’s conditions on the TV screen through a microcamera installed at its fore, so that several doctors can brainstorm in diagnosis while seeing the images together and perform an operation while observing the changes in treatment so as to ensure its quality.

Besides, they have invented over 40 medical instruments, including thoracoscope, rectoscope and electronic multi-functional needles based on Koryo medicine. The appliances were highly appreciated in the national sci-tech festivals and national exhibitions of sci-tech achievements in the public health sector.

Ri Song Chan, vice-director in charge of technical affairs, said, “We are not contented with the present situation. It is our goal to develop more modern medical appliances suited to the constitution of Koreans and widely apply advanced therapeutics so as to enable people to enjoy the benefits of the socialist medical system to their heart’s content.”

The hospital is producing good results in medical services by conducting consultative meetings and passing-on-technique lectures in contact with central hospitals through telemedicine system. It also gives medical services through the system to the county-level hospitals in the province.

In addition, it provides on-site medical services to scores of units in the province, including the Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex and Migok Co-operative Farm in Sariwon City, to detect diseases in their early stages and take relevant measures.

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