Girl’s Dream Comes True

Ju Su Yang, a 23-year-old girl living in Central District of Pyongyang, is a dancer with the Korean Art Association of the Disabled.

Seeing her beautiful and graceful movements on stage, people would say in admiration that she has an inborn talent for dancing. However, they do not know how the girl with hearing disability has realized her dream of dancing on stage.

Ju was afflicted at the age of two with an illness that left her deaf and mute.

The little girl found great pleasure in watching those of her age dancing merrily on TV, and she often imitated the dance movements she saw on TV before the mirror.

Then she asked her parents to allow her to dance. Her wish irritated her father, though he was always generous in satisfying her requests. He thought it impossible, because his daughter could not hear the music, an indispensable component of dance.

When she was 14 and was studying at a school for the deaf, Ju was admitted to a dance group of the Korean Art Association of the Disabled. She felt as if she won everything.

But her hearing disability, as was expected, caused the biggest trouble. She was unable to dance in keeping with the music, and she often kept dancing after the end of music.

However, she never gave up. She made painstaking efforts to learn to feel the rhythm by placing her hand on acoustic devices, memorize exact duration of every movement and punctually keep to them.

Her perseverance paid off. She made her dancing debut one year later.

She has so far performed such folk dances as Trio Dance and Janggo Dance, and played the heroine in a foreign fairy-tale dance Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and many other pieces.

Her parents never miss enjoying the performances of their daughter.

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