Dancing Party, Fireworks Celebrate Completion of Township of Samjiyon County

There took place dancing parties and a fireworks display on Monday in celebration of the completion of the construction of the township of Samjiyon County.

Builders and inhabitants in the township presented a sea of dancers in different parts of the township.

They presented boundless thanks to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who is bestowing the benefits of civilization under socialism onto the people.

After the dancing party, beautiful fireworks were displayed in the sky above the sacred place of Mt Paektu.

Amid loud booms, drifting fireworks shot off into the sky.

Watching the fascinating fireworks of various shapes and colors which further highlighted the fantastic view of the township, the masses hardly repressed their boundless reverence for Kim Jong Un who brought about today’s auspicious event.

The spectacular display of the fireworks reflected the feelings of the people congratulating the builders of merit who recorded a chapter of proud history with miracles and leaping progress, rising tall from ordeals and difficulties in 2019.

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