Economic Development & Construction

“Maebongsan”-trademarked Shoes Enjoy Popularity

A national footwear exhibition took place in the DPRK in spring and autumn this year.

The “Maebongsan”-trademarked shoes, produced by the Wonsan Leather Shoes Factory, were highly appraised by footwear producers and visitors at the exhibitions.

Such results are attributable to the guidance of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who has worked heart and soul for the development of the country’s shoe-making industry.

In July Juche 103 (2014) the Supreme Leader visited the factory to indicate in detail the way for putting its production on a normal basis and raising the quality of products. And he proposed to fix the trademark of the shoes as “Maebongsan”.

Saying that the production of shoes and their quality can be decisively enhanced at the factory when the working conditions and living environment for its workers are ensured at the highest level, he set forth the task to remodel the factory on a modern basis and dispatched strong construction forces.

He again came to the factory in January and November 2015. At that time, he weighed a shoe and set forth tasks to make the factory’s “Maebongsan”-trademarked products popular by making steady efforts with main emphasis on improving their quality and produce more and better shoes to suit the tastes, sense of beauty, and physical and mental qualities of people according to their ages and seasonal demand.

The factory is now making successes in the development of new products and the production with a goal to turn out more famous products with world competitive edge.

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