Women of Korea

Happiness of Mothers

In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea November 16 is the Mother’s Day.

Korean women are enjoying the Mother’s Day amid the blessings of their children who have been brought up wonderfully to work for the country and people.

They are always busy dealing with all family affairs big or small. They find their pleasure and happiness in the work for the country.


Choe Ok Ae living in Tongdaewon District, Pyongyang City, says: “To our mothers, giving birth, feeding and clothing her children are not enough.

Only when she leads and teaches her children to do a great job for the country, can it be said that she plays the role of mother.”

She has two sons envied by all people. They are heroes. The eldest son is a designer, who was awarded the title of Labour Hero at the age of 38 and the younger one is an army officer, who was awarded the title at the age of 40.

The eldest son Sa Song Il says: “My mother made much effort for us to do our duty at our posts.

Whenever I thought of giving up, she encouraged me and if necessary, she gave me advices concerning design. In this way she led me to become Merited Designer and Hero in my 30s. My younger brother could also grow into a hero thanks to her genuine and warm love and help.”

Back home, too, Choe Ok Ae would unfold blueprint. Her sincerity served as a model that taught her sons the genuine love and devotion for the country and people.

A good mother behind a good child.

In the hero soldier with a rifle in his hand, in the hero scientist who made a great invention and in the hero sportsperson flying the flag of the DPRK, people picture to themselves those women who have brought them up.

All children in this country keep respect for mothers who think first of the country rather than their families.


Rover Kim Ju Gyong at the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill says: “Our mothers feel the greatest joy, happiness and pride when their children perform feats in their work to support the Party and the leader and enjoy praise and respect of the people. It is a genuine happiness and pride of the mothers of our times to bring up heroic and patriotic sons and daughters for the Party and the leader, and for the country and the people.”

This girl innovator is said to be always thinking of her mother’s request. Breaking the existing formulas, she would finish her assignments under the national economic plan with two roving machines before others every year.

Indeed, mothers’ love for their children is lofty all the more as it is linked with the sense of responsibility for the country. It is their noble outlook on happiness to bring up their children as true persons devoting themselves to the country and people.

In Korea the women who give birth to many children are awarded the title of hero and a grand conference of mothers is held.

The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un had a picture taken with the participants in the conference.

Under the grateful socialist system, women in this country are bringing up their children with pride and honour.

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