Great Heyday Of Construction Consistent With Leader’s Love For The People


The great heyday of construction in the DPRK, provided thanks to the energetic guidance of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, is run through with his ardent love for the people.

The Supreme Leader visited the construction site of the Rungna People’s Pleasure Park in spring of Juche 101 (2012) to guide its construction irrespective of gritty wind.

Going around the newly-built Mirim Riding Club in October 2013, he noted that the year witnessed the erection of public service facilities like Mirim Riding Club, Munsu Water Park and Okryu Children’s Hospital. And he stressed that it is the decision of the Workers’ Party of Korea to build such more edifices for the people in the future.

Regarding the construction work as an affair for the people’s wellbeing, he went round the remodeled Pyongyang Cornstarch Factory despite rainy weather in June 2016. And he rejoiced over the fact that the factory would produce and supply quality confectionery in a larger quantity to the people.

The Supreme Leader also examined over 1,390 miniatures of Ryomyong Street on scores of occasions to turn it into a street putting the conveniences and interests of the people above all.

Touring the construction sites of the Wonsan Kalma coastal tourist area and the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort nearing completion in April and November this year, he instructed to complete them so perfectly that visitors can feel no slight inconvenience.

Indeed, the great heyday of construction in the country is unthinkable without his noble love for the people.

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