IT Plays Important Part In University Education


Lecturers of Hamhung University of Medicine make effective use of IT in education to enhance the practical abilities and skills of students.

“The electronic board we have developed can put education on multifunctional and IT basis at a high level and display images without interference of light. It is very effective for teaching as it is embedded with various 3D programs and animations,” said Ho Kun, chief of the science and education research office.

Student Ri Chol Ok said the electronic board helps them easily understand the content of lectures and is very helpful for their extracurricular study.

The board was widely introduced into colleges and middle schools in Hamhung City.

The university also developed a virtual circulatory patient consultation system, which is a great help to clinic medicine learners.

When a student gives a conclusive diagnosis with the help of this system through consultation and status praesens, preliminary and differential diagnoses, and experimental and appliance tests, the results are displayed and the teacher evaluates the consultation process of the student.

“In the past, students had some troubles as they could not look for patients suitable for their practice. But since the introduction of the system, they have been able to select virtual patients under any conditions,” said lecturer Ryang Hak Jun.

The system is being applied to educational units across the country.

Meanwhile, the department of orthopaedics of the university built an online surgery observation room to improve the practical abilities of students.

It informatized the operating rooms of the Hamhung Orthopaedic Hospital so that students could attend lectures while watching the process of operation in the room.

All lecturers and students are of the opinion that the lectures in the room are as effective as those in the operating room.

“We will contrive more effective teaching methods conducive to raising the students’ practical abilities and skills with the help of IT and continue to improve educational conditions,” said Ri Jong Il, vice-president of the university in charge of general affairs concerning instruction.

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