Ryugyong Dental Hospital


The Ryugyong Dental Hospital is one of the famous medical service centers in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Over the last six years after its opening, the hospital has established hundreds of advanced medical treatment methods and developed new dental materials and medical instruments and articles for medical care.

Recently, it invented a method of treating malocclusion by micro implant and a mineral trioxide aggregate based on domestic raw materials to make pulp capping material.

It also put its management on a higher IT basis by completing the information system and presented scores of books conducive to the development of the country’s medical science and the education of rising generation, producing tens of holders of academic degrees.

The hospital, situated in Munsu area of Pyongyang, was built on the initiative of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and under his meticulous guidance.

He personally appointed the site for the hospital and guided the whole course of its construction. Irrespective of midsummer heat and rainy weather, he visited the hospital under construction to give detailed instructions for its construction and operation.

He again came to the hospital nearing completion on September 23, Juche 102 (2013) and personally named it, saying that it has been built in a refined way and everything of it is all right.

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