Thongilgori Fitness Centre



The Thongilgori Fitness Centre is always brimming over with the enthusiasm for mass-based sports.

Built in Rangnang District, Pyongyang, the centre has four stories above and one under the ground, and is furnished with several spaces for fitness, rehabilitation, rhythmic movements, table tennis, and so on.

Fitness spaces are provided with 140 sporting apparatuses of 61 different kinds, and a lot of people train their body muscles and improve physical abilities selecting apparatuses appropriate to their liking, physical constitutions, ages, and health conditions.

Rehabilitation spaces well equipped for rehabilitative and massaging treatment are another haunts of the people.

It is the quantum resonance magnetic field analytic device that tempts a lot of people; it diagnoses their physical and health conditions and recommends methods and intensity of the exercises as well as frequency and cycle. So it is very popular among those with such nervous and vascular troubles as cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder, cerebral hemorrhage, or thrombosis.

The centre’s researchers have developed computer program Chongsaeng for counselling physical training methods and therapies and relevant nutrition intake according to the applicants’ occupations and physical features, and continuously updated it.

The underwater ultrasonic room with its ultrasonic massaging facilities and various showers and saunas attracting people who want to relieve their fatigue after a day’s work.

The centre’s outdoor sports grounds for football, basketball and volleyball are always packed with young and other people who unfold eye-catching sights of passionate games.

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