Southern Korea

US Tightened Control over S. Korea Flailed

Nowadays, the US is ratcheting up its pressure on south Korea under the guise of “tightened alliance.”

It urged south Korea to pay more for the upkeep of GIs in south Korea and is forcing it to modify the “note on allies’ crisis control”, a document attached to the “south Korea-US mutual defense treaty.”

The US pressures south Korea to change the phrase in the note “emergency on the Korean peninsula” that specifies the range of crisis control by the south Korea-US “combined forces command” into “emergency on the Korean peninsula and in the US.”

If the note is modified, south Korea will be obliged to send its troops to any strife-torn areas in the world beyond the Korean peninsula and the Pacific region, in case the US judges that the areas are under an emergency situation.

As a result, south Korea will turn into a bigger advanced and logistics base for the US to launch continental invasion and carry out the US strategy for world hegemony and will face horrible war disasters after getting entangled in the world’s hottest issues the US interferes in.

The US tries to use young and middle-aged south Koreans as a shock force for its overseas wars of aggression, not content with turning south Korea into its giant military base and exploiting a fabulous amount of money for the upkeep for GIs. This is, indeed, the height of impudence.

What cannot be overlooked is the ulterior intention of the US seeking to modify the note, of which it has taken advantage for decades since its conclusion in October 1953.

As known, the issue of transfer of OPECON is now high on the agenda between south Korea and the US.

The US has lorded it over south Korea with the prerogative of the supreme command of its army for a long time. That’s why the US feels a sense of loss as it has to transfer OPECON, the pivot of the prerogative, to south Korea.

So, the US, in cahoots with the south Korean authorities, had prolonged the time of transfer several times. Now, it leaves no stone unturned to put south Korea under its further tightened control by increasing the power of the “UN Command” and forcing south Korea to purchase its weaponry.

Its pressure on south Korea to modify the “note on allies’ crisis control” after a lapse of nearly 70 years is just a part of its moves to preserve and tighten its military control over south Korea even after the transfer of OPECON.

The US lets out rhetoric that its proposal is aimed to make clearer south Korea-US joint counteraction after the transfer of OPECON. But, such jargon can never help it hide its black-hearted intention to tighten its yoke put on south Korea under the signboard of “alliance” and use the latter as a scapegoat for realizing its strategy for domination.

Subjugation to external forces only brings bitter disgrace and misfortune and irreversible disasters in the end. This is just the sad plight of a dependent henchman.

The aggressive and humiliating alliance of subordination must be dismantled.

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