Mother Respected for Bringing Up Sons Finely


There is a woman who receives hearty congratulations from coal miners and villagers on Mothers’ Day (November 16) every year.

She is Phyon Yong Ok who lives in Ward No. 9 of Inpho District in Pukchang County, South Phyongan Province, and who brought up three sons as respectable men.

On Mothers’ Day this year, her married eldest son visited her, and her second and youngest sons sent her greeting cards.

Phyon, aged 49, got married to a coal miner over 30 years ago and kept house all by herself to back up her husband.

It was not easy for her to bring up three children during the Arduous March. They were so energetic and wild that their new shoes and clothes would wear out readily.

So, she managed the household assiduously. She bought a guitar, football and the like for her boys so that they could grow merrily and guided them in their studies every day.

Phyon found her joy in toiling and moiling for her children and devoted her all to them. She would also implant love for the country, society and community into their minds, telling them the preciousness of the country and setting good examples to them.

She, together with them, sent lots of aid materials to service personnel and builders of major construction projects and won respect and affection of many. Witnessing this, the children cultivated the virtues of caring for the country ahead of their family.

After they left for a university, army unit and sports club, she used to convey to them the news about their native village so that they could perform their duties properly.

“I only tried to get my children to grow up to be honourable citizens who care for the country, society, and community. I am happiest and swell with pride when I hear my children fulfil their duties,” said the mother.

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