Mother’s Pride

November 16 is Mother’s Day in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

On this day, like all other families in the country, Ryang Yong Sop and O Myong Hui living in Kwangsok-dong, Wonsan, greet their children and grandchildren who come home to congratulate them on the day.

Acknowledging the family members, O Myong Hui, hostess of the family, recalls the past with deep emotion.

O is a chief nurse at the Wonsan Municipal Hospital No. 1, though she is well over the pension age.

She was a girl of small build, so when she became a mother and carried her baby on her back, some joked that she looked like a sister carrying her younger brother.

But she was proud of being a mother and strengthened her resolve to bring up her children to be fine.

She was always busy tending four children, three sons, and a daughter.

However, she never missed a chance of instructing her children to listen to their teachers, respect the seniors and promote harmony with mates. And when they were grown up, she placed all of them at the posts of national defence.

Even after they started their families and became officials in the public health and educational sectors and when they are held dear and respected by the collective and comrades, mother is never free from worries about her children.

Ryang Kum Sok, the eldest son, works as a head of the Panghasan Polyclinic in Wonsan.

This day he looks back on the past years when they were little.

Whenever their mother hurried to the hospital even on Sundays and red-letter days to attend to emergency operations and nurse critical cases, they felt reproachful of her leaving them along. As days went by, however, they became aware that mother cherished same affection for her own children and the patients.

Working as a nurse since the mid-1960s O participated in more than 55,000 operations and nursed back to health 15,000 patients and 1,800 in critical conditions.

She was honoured with the title of socialist patriot of merit in 2006.

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