World Community Should Keep Strict Watch on Japan, a War Crime State

Japan is going on the rampage, threatening peace and security of the region.

On October 24, Japan Maritime “Self-Defense Force” (SDF) staged a frantic military drill in the waters of the East Sea of Korea, supported by B-52s and KC-135Rs of the US air force, and ground SDF’s over 180 tanks fired shells for a week in Hokkaido, inciting war atmosphere.

This is a clear expression of its ambition for a military giant and overseas expansion.

Military actions for defending peace and territory belong to the legitimate right of every country, which no one is allowed to call in question.

But Japan is the exception in that case.

Japan is a country labeled as an enemy state under the Article 53 of Chapter 8 of the UN Charter.

Worse still, the island country is likely to repeat its past crimes as it has still refused to admit them and take legal and moral responsibility for apology and reparation for them.

Having longed to see again the imperial era in which it plunged several Asia-Pacific countries and peoples into misery, Japan is stoking militarism and rushing headlong for a military giant and overseas expansion. All these facts increase displeasure with and vigilance over Japan.

The Japanese reactionaries are turning Japanese society to the Right and stepping up militarization of the country at fast tempo through the persistent distortion of history such as describing the past horrible crimes of aggression as a “liberation war” and an “advance” which brought “civilization” and “prosperity” to other countries. They put the SDF on the level next to the US armed forces in the West and expanded the sphere of its activities to the whole world through massive arms buildup and enactment of war laws, far from the principle of “exclusive defense”.

In particular, they justify their rash military acts by describing the DPRK, China and Russia as the countries which pose threat to Japan. This clearly shows that Japan is trying to outstrip the neighbouring countries and become the “leader of the East”.

It can be well evidenced by the fact that strategic bombers made flights near the South Sea of China as part of the recent joint drill with the US and a large-scale tank group of the ground SDF staged shooting drill in the region close to the southern Kurils of Russia.

Japan is, indeed, not a pacifist country but a dangerous war state.

Every military move of Japan and its trumpeting about “peace” are aimed at aggression, and the danger of war in the region is being increased by the island country with each passing day.

Japan’s reinvasion of the continent will bring mankind a catastrophe incomparable to that in the past.

The international community should never remain a passive onlooker to Japan’s reckless moves for a military giant and overseas expansion.

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