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Mt Paektu Area Boasts Unique Geological Features


Mt Paektu is a symbol of Korea and is widely known as a celebrated mountain of the world.

Lots of scholars have explored the mountain to discover a lot about its formation and geological structure, fauna, and flora.

According to information released by geologists of the State Academy of Sciences, the mountain is a composite volcano that erupted through different stages between the Jurassic period of the Mesozoic era and the Quaternary period of the Cenozoic era.

On top of the mountain there is Lake Chon surrounded by high peaks, and the surrounding mountains preserve eruptive sections that were formed in the course of several rounds of volcanic eruptions.

In the crater there are lava towers, hot springs, the carbonized and buried trees that are of great significance in studying the millennium eruption of Paektu in 946 and the curious rocks and volcanic bombs that were formed through various eruptions.

Mt Paektu has also dozens of unique geological spectacles including Janggun Peak volcanic body, Lake Chon crater, Rimyongsu Falls, Paektu hot spring, Lake Samji, and Chongun Rocks.

Lake Chon, 2,190 meters above sea level, was formed as the volcanic crater was filled with snow and rain water.

It is noted worldwide as one of the volcanic lakes with considerable water volume in consideration of such a height.

Survey results show that it is 9.16 square kilometers in area, 14.4 kilometers in circumference, 213.3 meters in average depth, 384 meters in maximum depth, and over 1.9 billion cubic meters in water volume.

The Paektu hot spring is a volcanic spa formed by volcanic gas and underground water and the highest temperature is about 73℃.

Lake Samji consists of three ponds which were formed after a river flowing north near the present lake was blocked by lava from Paektu and neighboring volcanoes that erupted around a million years ago.

As all the geological spectacles of the Mt Paektu area also constitute unique geological relics, they are of value not only as sights to behold but as a base for geological study and sci-tech diffusion.

According to experts, the Paektu volcano is helpful for people to study volcanic activities from different aspects and acquire knowledge of volcanoes.

It is another feature of the Mt Paektu area that diverse animal and plant resources peculiar to it are distributed.

The area serves as a textbook for the study of volcanoes and as an open-air volcano museum.

Experts admit that just the tip of the iceberg has been known as to the geological phenomena of the area.

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