New Appearance of Jikha-ri

Driving on the Chongjin-Rason road to the suburbs, northwest of Chongjin, leads to the seat of Jikha-ri, Chongam District of Chongjin, North Hamgyong Province.

The village nestling finely against the background of hilly orchards looks like a scroll of a beautiful painting.

Jikha-ri, which was once known for its barren soil, developed in the era of the Workers’ Party of Korea into a place good to work and live in.

Recently the village has been spruced up thanks to the efforts of the officials and builders in the province and villagers who have turned out to continuously create models of socialist rural culture.


Over 90 dwelling houses and public buildings, including Jikha Health Complex with an indoor wading pool, agricultural sci-tech learning space, nursery and kindergarten, were newly constructed to meet the modern aesthetic feelings.

110 odd houses, the senior middle school, hall of culture, and other existing buildings were also facelifted.

Roads and bridge in the village were evenly paved and fruit trees of various species planted in the vicinity of all the dwellings and public buildings.

The village has set up many wind turbines and solar panels to become self-sufficient in electric power.


The pride of the villagers living a cultured life just as good as an urban one is a strong inspiration for their will to increase agricultural production.

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