Devotion for the Children


Children are the precious treasure incomparable with any amount of money and the whole of hope and future.

This is what the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un always says to the officials.

Kim Jong Un is devoting himself to the rising generations with his ardent love for them.

He visited the Myohyangsan Children’s Union Mountaineering Camp belonging to Pyongyang City in May Juche 102 (2013).

The camp was located in a cosy valley of Mt. Myohyang well-known for its superb scenic beauty.

Kim Jong Un walked the mountain path and arrived at the camp. He looked round different places to learn about the life of the campers in detail.

He asked how the heating system was provided, how the bedding and washing were ensured, how the campers were provided with foods and if the meat, eggs and vegetables as well as basic foodstuffs were supplied to them at a fixed quantity.

He said that when the children have their fill and are cheerful, the whole country may be filled with their happy laughter and proposed building up the camp well in accordance with the demand of the times.

He continued:
We are making revolution, overcoming all difficulties and trials, just for the children. We should provide them with a happy life to be envied by the whole world so that they feel the pride of socialism and the Workers’ Party.

That day Kim Jong Un waited for the children to come back from their mountaineering for a long time and had a picture taken with them before leaving the camp.

He also visited the Mangyongdae Children’s Union Camp, the December 6 Children’s Union Camp of Kangwon Province, the 250-Mile Journey for Learning Schoolchildren’s Palace, and the Samjiyon Schoolchildren’s Palace.

Under his loving care the Korean children are growing up with nothing to envy in the world.

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