Abe Slammed for Anti-DPRK Rhetoric

A fool remains as he is till his doom’s day and a rogue cannot be converted forever, said Song Il Ho, the DPRK Foreign Ministry ambassador, on Thursday.

Such remarks came after Japan’s Prime Minister Abe told the ASEAN summit that north Korea’s missile launch is a gross violation of UN resolutions and that the international community should turn out for the north’s denuclearization.

Song said it is very shameless for Abe, who had repeatedly said that the DPRK’s successive self-defensive measures “have no impact on the security of Japan,” to talk such rubbish as ballistic missiles and violations of the UN resolutions.

He described Abe as a base politician who only follows trends.

He also called Abe a rarely ignorant man who dreams of making Japan a military power, though he is not able to distinguish multiple rocket launchers from missiles, and an under-wit who is only able to utter such crude words as “provocation,” “outrage,” “violation,” “abduction,” and “pressure.”

As such a base, rude, and immoral man remains in power, he said, Japan is censured as a “politically small nation,” “sinking island country,” and “gloomy, desolate country” by the world.

It is too natural, he added, that Abe is treated as a poor dog that fails to enter the current international political situation surrounding the Korean peninsula.

Anyone can not help but laugh at Abe as he is knocking the door of Pyongyang with caution, while citing “no-strings-attached talks”, he said.

He advised Abe not to dream of crossing the threshold of Pyongyang as he hurled a torrent of abuse at the DPRK over its self-defensive measures.

Not many years have elapsed since peace settled in the sky above Japan, he said, adding that if the islanders persist in provoking the DPRK, seemingly to feel the uneasiness and horror again with which they had trembled at when bombarded in the past, the DPRK would do what it wishes to do, regardless of the island nation.

He warned that Japan had better know well that it will face a more serious disaster and ruin if it keeps on running reckless, failing to know when to shut up.

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