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Sinphyong Kumgang Famous for Rocks and Waterfalls

Sinphyong Kumgang in Sinphyong County of North Hwanghae Province is called a miniature Mt Kumgang as it is so beautiful blessed with rocks of fantastic shapes and many waterfalls.

“People travelling along the Pyongyang-Wonsan tourist motorway do not readily leave this scenic spot once they stop by it for a break, as they are so fascinated by the superb charm of the mountain,” said Son Un Ju, a lecturer at the Sinphyong Kumgang Scenic Spot.

This tourist attraction is comprised of Kumgang, Tanphung, and Nounphokpho valleys centring on Chongsokjong and Tohwa valleys. There are 72 beauty spots including Noun, Tanphung, and Kumgang falls.

In Chongsokjong Valley, there is the Sinphyong resting station adjoining the picturesque lake of the Nam River and mysterious rocks and cliffs.

The vast water area mirrors the peaks of the mountain thick with foliage and it looks so blue that the water seems to dye your hands blue when you dip them into it. Across the lake, there are rocks in the shape of a candle that stopped melting halfway and of an ear of human.

The scenery of Chongsokjong Valley is famous and yet still Tohwa Valley is so beautiful that you will regret if you fail to see it.

Tohwa means peach blossom in English and the name of the valley derives from the fact that it is a beautiful valley covered with peach blossoms.

According to lecturer Son Un Ju, at the Sinphyong Kumgang Scenic Spot, valleys seem to be blocked at a far sight, but you can command further views when you go close to them.

All the beauty spots are wonderful as their names suggest. Jumok (fist) Rock is said to stand guard over the beautiful scenery of Tohwa Valley; two different kinds of water gush out of Sujong (crystal) Spring; Tohwa Pool is said to be the place frequented by fairies from heaven; spring water wells up at the middle of Sulsaem (liquor spring) Rock; and there are also Rojok (stack of grains) Peak and Kyongdae (dressing table), Jangnong (cabinet) and Horangi (tiger) rocks.

Kumgang Valley is flanked by steep curious-looking cliffs standing like folding screens and there are waterfalls of various shapes in the gorge.

The water of Jinju (pearl) Falls sparkles as if it is sprinkled with pearls, Oppa (brother) Falls pour down vigorously while Nuidongsaeng (younger sister) Falls cascade down gently sending up a cloud of spray, unfolding an enticing spectacle to artists.

Kumgang Falls flow down from the height of 30 metres to rock the earth and the pool below looks like a round fish bowl made with quartzite.

The lecturer said that Nounphokpho Valley marks the climax of the sightseeing at the scenic spot as it commands a bird’s eye view of all waterfalls, pools and mysterious precipices and rocks.

Out of them, Noun Falls are counted as the best sight at the tourist attraction. The waterfall streams down like a silk hanging from a sky-high cliff as it throws up spray.

At the Sinphyong Kumgang Scenic Spot, rocks, falls and pools vie with each other for supremacy in beauty in each valley and fresh foliage and air refresh sightseers. And every convenience is provided for them at the lodging and resting places, wading pool and shower bath site.

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