Economic Development & Construction

Material Guarantee of Independent State Building

The DPRK has set the building of a powerful socialist country as the most crucial task at the present stage and is concentrating on the building of an independent economy to this end.

“Economic self-sufficiency is a material guarantee and prerequisite for building an independent state,” said Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in his policy speech delivered at the First Session of the 14th Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK.

The DPRK has already laid firm foundations of an independent economy.

President Kim Il Sung planned to build an economy which would develop by relying on local technologies, resources, officials and people, and put forward the line of building an independent national economy soon after liberation.

It was really an uphill task for the country to build the national economy by itself as it had only inherited the lopsided colonial economy and backward agriculture and suffered a devastating war in less than five years after its liberation.

Some big power worshippers shook their heads saying it was impossible and pinned their hopes on the aid from neighbouring countries. And even some friendly countries interfered in its affairs, demanding it buy their machines.

However, the Korean people overcame all difficulties by closely rallying around the leader and performed a miracle of completing socialist industrialization, for which others said it would take even developed countries decades, in 14 years.

In the course of this, the Korean people engraved in their hearts as firm faith the philosophical principle of self-reliance and self-development that they should solve all problems arising in the revolution and construction by themselves, which has been carried forward through generations.

In the period when the spirit of Chollima Korea drew worldwide admiration they made trucks, tractors, bulldozers, water pumps, excavators and electric locomotives with their own efforts. And despite the growing sanctions and pressure of the hostile forces, they produced iron, fertilizer and vinalon based on Juche-based systems and CNC machine tools in succession.

Today self-reliance and independent national economy are regarded as the basis of the existence of socialist Korea, the motive force of its progress and development and the vital lifeline to the Korean revolution. Though many countries are suffering from political turmoil and economic upheavals caused by the imperialists’ military threat and blackmail and sanctions and blockade, the DPRK firmly takes the independent stand and dynamically pushes ahead with the struggle for implementing the five-year strategy for national economic development.

It has set it as a national trait to attach importance to talents and science and technology and finds out talents and appoints them to right places in all the sectors and units of socialist economic construction so that they can lead production and technological development.

Advanced Korean-style iron- and steel-making methods prove effective at the metal industrial bases including the Hwanghae and Kim Chaek iron and steel complexes and projects are now under way to turn the chemical industry into a Juche-oriented one relying on local materials and resources as well as an energy- and labour-saving one.

Scientific management approaches and effective production methods have been invented and introduced into many factories and enterprises to set new standards and records one after another.

Amid the patriotic fervor for creating more material wealth with local resources and technologies, all the sectors and units have made significant achievements in the dynamic recycling drive.

The DPRK’s economic independence will be further consolidated as it is underpinned by the self-supporting economic foundations it has laid for decades, capable scientific and technological personnel and creative ability of the patriotic people who regard self-reliance as part of their life.

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