Socialist Education System

Dedicated Classrooms Help Students Acquire Knowledge


Moranbong Middle School No. 1 has been furnished with classrooms specializing in subjects and many upgraded labs.

According to headmistress Kim Yong Sik, these classrooms are special functional rooms that are fully equipped with detailed elements that help maximize the teaching efficiency as well as its educational information facilities, visual aids, experimental apparatuses, and special study books that are aimed at applying relevant teaching methods in diverse ways.

The school now has 51 specialized subject classrooms.

It also conceived dozens of new teaching methods to suit the features of such classrooms.

As a lesson about polarization started in a physics classroom, the teacher wearing polarized glasses began to guess right the students’ dreams they typed into their computers one by one like a magician as he made gestures without seeing them. Then the students burst into applause and cheers.

The teacher proceeded to say that he would see which group would be the first to discover the physical principle of this magic using the polarization of light, and students launched into finding out the principle.

To detect the polarized light, they observed every nook and cranny of the room by dint of Polaroid and in the course of this they got a good understanding of the principle of polarization.

Such lesson is said to use over ten experimental apparatuses, the LCD screen of desktop without Polaroid, laptop, e-textbook, local area network and even the lights, windowpanes and vase in the classroom.

“This kind of lesson requires a high level of practical guiding abilities as the teacher should skilfully handle lots of lab apparatuses with such masterly acting as of a magician while leading students to the accomplishment of a goal. After the class was over, students said they hoped every lesson could be interesting like this one and they understood almost all the teaching content,” said Paek Chang Ho, head of the physics department.

Jin Phyong Hae, senior second-year student who attended a lesson about prisms at the math classroom, said:

“I could have a correct understanding of prisms in the course of learning about its definition and finding prism models out of more than 30 models of different shapes on display. Some of my classmates wrongly selected models, but they corrected their mistakes through a heated debate.”

Teachers of the school are of the opinion that the special classrooms are of great help in making students searchers with a proactive approach.

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