Patriotic People

Sisters Praised by People

Elder sister Kim Hyang Suk is a worker of the Moranbong District General Food Store in the capital city Pyongyang and the younger Kim Hyang Sim is a worker of the Mangyongdae District Fueling Station.


Kim Hyang Sim says: “We promised to do more good work for the people.”

They have been working for convenience of the inhabitants for tens of years since their girlhood.

Kim Hyang Suk called “faithful housewife” renders mobile sale of subsidiary foods for the latecomers from work as well as delivery and ordered services on holidays and red-letter days.

Pulling efforts with her colleagues she is steadily face-lifting her workplace and securing the sources of commodities.

She often calls on war veterans with tonics and congratulates their birthdays.
Kim Hyang Sim called “our supplier” supplies fuel to the inhabitants under a meticulous plan.

She keeps close contacts with relevant units to carry in the fuel immediately lest the fuel supply should be suspended.

Delivery service is also available for the families that cannot take fuel in time owing to the pressure of work.

All the inhabitants praise them who are working hard for themselves. The state put them forward as meritorious persons for the country.

Kim Hyang Suk says: “We will work hard to render better service to the people.”
Their service work now greatly helps the living of the inhabitants.

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