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E-teaching Plans Make Schooling More Engaging


Kwangbok Primary School affiliated with Pyongyang University of Education worked out electronic teaching plans and lessons for 31 subjects for five-year courses.
“We designed the electronic teaching plans centring on improving the intellectual and application abilities of pupils, true to the new 12-year educational programme, so that they could understand the essence of educational content correctly and easily,” said headmistress Choe Kyong Sin.

The teaching plans encompass general data and all elements needed for teachers’ activities with the help of digital processing technology.

They are advantageous in the aspect that they help teachers improve teaching methods and promote the study of teaching materials and lesson preparations, while optimizing the use of multifunctional classrooms by raising the utility rate of digital devices. They are designed to ensure profitability in the making and use of visual aids and reflect changed educational content in time.

According to the headmistress, pupils take an active part in lessons and are eager to attend them after their introduction.

With the help of the electronic teaching plans, schoolchildren can study by themselves through such steps as thinking, discussing, practicing, and developing their faculties for self-studying based on textbooks.

“The e-plans incorporating the superior teaching methods of all the teaching staff are really beneficial to fostering the creativity of pupils,” said teacher Yu Kyong Hui.

They are now generalized across the country through a website.;


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