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Self-reliance is DPRK’s Mode of Development


Each country has its own method of development which may alter according to its goal, conditions, and environment.

The DPRK, which set itself the ambitious goal of building a powerful socialist country and has concentrated all its efforts on the construction of a powerful socialist economy in the wake of building a political and military power, maintains self-reliance as its development mode.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, in the report he made at the Fourth Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea last April, pointed to the need to effect a great turning point in socialist construction in which the country makes a great leap forward by its own efforts by making continuous innovations and mounting offensives in succession with revolutionary spirit and the fighting mode of self-reliance. He also said in his policy speech delivered at the First Session of the 14th Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK that building socialism by the country’s own efforts according to the revolutionary line of independence is the basic principle it must invariably maintain in state building.

As they have been building an independent socialist power with the Juche idea as their guidelines since the initial period of state building, the Korean people have cherished independence as their lifeline and independent development became the physiology of Korean socialism.

Great national strength is indispensable to ensuring the independent development of countries in today’s world where relations between nations are affected by their strength, weakness, and self interests, and high-handedness and arbitrariness of the imperialists and hegemony-seekers are rampant.

National strength can be called your own when you build it by yourself.

Under the banner of establishment of Juche and by its own efforts, the DPRK has achieved political and ideological unity and cohesion of the whole society, built an independent economy in accordance with the line of building a self-reliant national economy, and gained possession of the defensive capabilities with which to defend itself.

It has also created culture by its own efforts to provide the people with a cultured and happy life.

The society where the people’s happy life is substantially guaranteed is an advanced society and the mode of social development should be directed and subordinated to ensuring their happy life.

In the DPRK, the things that serve the masses of the people are absolutized, everything is oriented towards promoting their wellbeing, they have become true masters of everything and everything is designed for ensuring their independent and creative life.

The country concentrates all its efforts on economic construction in order to provide them with a more affluent and civilized life.

Today, the Korean people are striving to reach a higher stage of socialism by their own efforts as they, by dint of self-reliance, built a socialist country that is independent, self-sufficient, and self-reliant in defence on the debris of war and provided a springboard to the building of a thriving country during the Arduous March.

The DPRK also fully guarantees the happiness of coming generations with self-reliance.

If you are unconfident of your strength, you are scared of hardships and difficulties and naturally become dependent on others.

The material wealth achieved with the help of others cannot guarantee the happiness of future generations.

That is why the Korean people regard the revolutionary faith that one should live and develop by one’s own efforts and creative abilities as their legacy to generations to come that is incomparably more precious than any fabulous material wealth.

The DPRK will advance dynamically in the teeth of foul wind of history by indomitable willpower by maintaining self-reliance as its lifeblood.

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