Inter-Korean & Reunification

S. Korean Students Raid US Embassy, Local People Lend Support



According to south Korea’s MBC, members of the progressive association of university students on Oct 18 made a surprise attack on the US embassy in Seoul in protest against the Americans’ demand for increased upkeep for their troops.

After climbing over the wall of the embassy and entering the building, the protesters put up placards in front of the entrance and condemned the US for urging south Korea to raise the GIs’ upkeep five times in disregard of the south Korea-US Status-of-Forces Agreement.

More than 70 civil society organizations including Solidarity for Progress held a press conference on Oct 21 in front of the Seoul Central District Court to denounce the court authorities for trying to detain the demonstrators.

Speakers at the conference said that the students’ demonstration was a just action to decry the US ambassador who pressed the outrageous demand for a rise in the upkeep.

They asserted that since the students who are masters of this land tried to meet and blame the American ambassador, this could not be grounds for detention.

Noting that the ambassador tweeted an article insulting the south Korean people after the students were taken away, they said the locals would be unable to extricate themselves from enslavement if the authorities are going to detain the students by all means while being subjected to such a humiliating insult.

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