Economic Development & Construction

An Official of Ability


The employees of the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Silk Mill call their manager and Labour Hero Kim Myong Hwan a versatile official and doctor-manager.

A Hands-on Official

Kim Myong Hwan was appointed the manager of the mill two decades ago. At that time, the country was undergoing the worst trials due to the moves of imperialists to isolate and suffocate the DPRK as well as the successive natural calamities. Production at his mill, too, came to a standstill. There were hollows and cracks on the road of the compound, with steam pipes and electric-power lines suspended in the air in a disorderly way. He felt conscience-stricken as he had remained indifferent to them during the days of his working as a workshop leader.

He planned to renovate the compound as his first project. His plan enjoyed active support from all the employees. They expanded, repaired and paved over 25,000 square metres of road in a matter of 15 days. Later, most of the steam pipes and electric-power lines were laid out under the ground and lots of dawn redwood saplings struck their roots in different places of the mill compound.

Most of his employees were women, so he designed another project to construct a three-storied building for a nursery and kindergarten in order to meet their requirements. But his employees could not dare to readily start the construction as it was the first of its kind since the mill’s inauguration.

He inspired them to the project: “Our goal is clear, so we have nothing to hesitate to achieve it. We should never have an idea of asking others to renovate our workplace. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.”

All officials and employees turned out as one. Thanks to his unyielding drive and meticulous arrangements, the project made good headway. One year later, they successfully built the nursery and kindergarten at a sunny place in the mill.

In recent years, the mill has put its production lines on a modern footing and built two apartment blocks with over 140 flats, a hall of culture with a total floor space of 3,000 square metres, a resting place with a fishpond and pavilion, Jindallae Health Complex provided with a swimming pool and other public service facilities, etc. Surrounded by tens of thousands of trees, including over 1,000 fruit trees, it is called a factory in a park and forest.


Today, his mill has turned into a treasure factory that brings great benefits to the country by remarkably improving the quality of silk thread while overfulfilling its national economic plan by ensuring profits in production.

It is unthinkable apart from his great practical abilities.

His enterprising insight and work style of giving definite priority to science and technology have resulted in the present innovation in production.

A few years ago, the mill kicked off the work for putting the cocoon boiling process on a modern footing.

One day, the manager held a technical consultation to discuss an issue of improving the working conditions for workers in a cocoon vacuum drowning tank. Technicians presented various ideas, but none of them were perfect. After carefully listening to their arguments for a while, he found out a solution. He explained if they put the tank on the second floor of the worksite and set up a sensor on a conveyor belt, it would be helpful to remove manual labour and easy to work. All the participants were struck with admiration at his novel idea.

In addition, he solved many scientific and technical problems conducive to regular production by establishing a silk spinning process which is capable of recycling all bad cocoons and leftover fibres and a modern production line of hygienic supplies. To establish a new production process of quilts, he drew tens of designs related to the arrangement of equipment and personally translated a technical book on the world trend of producing quilts.

Most recently, he put different production processes on an assembly line to save manpower and increase production.

After graduation from Pyongyang Han Tok Su University of Light Industry, he has been awarded a doctorate of economics and the February 16 Sci-tech Prize, the top prize in the sci-tech sector. Now he is studying at the online college of Kim Chaek University of Technology with a viewpoint that he should broaden the horizon of his knowledge in order to keep pace to the requirements of the developing times.

He is one of ten paragons in the Mallima era.

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