Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Visits Theatre of Samjiyon Orchestra

Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army, gave field guidance to the Theatre of the Samjiyon Orchestra Wednesday before its opening.

The theatre that has taken up a fresh look on the bank of the River Pothong is a grand center of culture and arts and a monumental edifice of an ideological and art power in the era of the Workers’ Party which is proud of peculiar and splendid architectural and formative beauty combined with classic and modern tastes and artistic peculiarity based on modern architectural and acoustic technology.

With a total floor space of 36 610 square meters, the theatre has over 1 200-seat round live sound rendition hall that does not depend on any amplifying devices, and dubbing rooms, creation rooms, practice rooms, make-up rooms, offices, and rest rooms equipped with perfect conditions for creation, performance and living of creators and artistes of the orchestra.

Looking around the details of the exterior and interior of the theatre for hours, the Supreme Leader learned in detail about the construction.

Feasting his eyes on the general view of the theatre that has been face-lifted to be old-fashioned yet elegant, the Supreme Leader said that the splendid building spruced up in the center of the capital adds to the charm of the city. He noted that in the past he used to think much, looking at the old and worn-out building whenever he used to pass it, but now he feels like loads have been taken off his mind, adding that the people visiting the theatre will be so pleased.

Personally listening to the rendition by the Samjiyon Orchestra from various places of the rendition hall of the theatre, Kim Jong Un compared the acoustic characteristics.

He said that the sound at the rendition hall is so wonderful and the live sounds of musical instruments are given just as they are without any change, adding that the rendition of orchestra is heard clean and delicate and it gives emotionally comfortable feelings thanks to good acoustics which also adds up to the elegancy of the orchestra. He expressed great satisfaction, calling the theatre an innovative and successful one in terms of architectural acoustics.

He gave a grand piano as a gift to the Samjiyon Orchestra Theatre with the opening of the theatre on the significant party founding anniversary as an occasion.

He visited creation building, practice room building, dubbing room, rest room, canteen and other parts of the orchestra, learning about construction and preparations for operation.

He said that the theatre is graceful and delicate, yet gorgeous and magnificent in architectural form and contents and also has excellent artistic harmony of modern beauty and classic taste. It is a thing to be proud of that such a flawless concert hall has been built based on acoustic designing relying on modern science and technology, he said, expressing great satisfaction over the fact that the theatre is the grand center of arts, the designing has been done in a peculiar way and the construction has been carried out on the highest level.

The completion of such a monumental edifice made him think about Chairman Kim Jong Il so much, he said, noting that now it has become possible to bring into reality the wish of the Chairman who was always eager to provide an art theatre equipped with the best acoustic conditions to the people.

Saying that no one can overtake the soldiers of Unit 267 of the Korean People’s Army who took charge of the theatre remodeling project in their skillful performance, he extended thanks in the name of the Central Military Commission of the WPK to the soldier builders who qualitatively completed such a difficult and huge task on the world level true to the order of the Party.

Though it is short since its organization, the Samjiyon Orchestra has earned an fame at home and abroad for its wonderful performances on several occasions representative of the country with its unique face in a short period, the Supreme Leader said with high appreciation, asking it to conduct enthusiastic and refined art creation activities true to the Party’s idea and policy on art and literature and serve the country with all devotion.

He expressed the expectation and conviction that the officials, creators and artistes of the Samjiyon Orchestra would take the lead in opening up the new period of efflorescence of the Juche arts with high caliber and artistic ability, and had a significant photo taken with them at the round live sound rendition hall.

He advanced tasks for the management and operation of the theatre.

He was accompanied by Han Kwang Sang, Jo Yong Won and Kwon Hyok Bong, leading officials of the Central Committee of the WPK, and Kim Chang Son and Ma Won Chun, officials of the State Affairs Commission.

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