Dancing Parties of Youth and Students

Dancing parties of youth and students were held across the country on Wednesday, the 73rd founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Amid the playing of song “It Is October”, dancing parties began in different parts of Pyongyang, including plazas of the Arch of Triumph and the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium.

The venues of dancing parties were overflowing with deep reverence for President Kim Il Sung, who pioneered the building of a revolutionary party of Juche type and turned the WPK into a dignified and invincible party and a motherly party.

The participants unrolled waves of dancing to the tune of such songs as “Our General Is the Best” and “Do Prosper, Era of the Workers’ Party”, paying the highest glory and deep thanks to Chairman Kim Jong Il, who glorified the WPK as a glorious party of Kim Il Sung and demonstrated to the whole world the dignity and prestige of socialist Korea.

Heard there were also such songs as “Young People, Be Loyal to Our Party” and “Song of Socialist Advance” representing the revolutionary stamina and optimism of the Korean youths who are upholding the guidance of the WPK with loyalty.

“Cheers of the People” and other songs reflecting the people’s high pride of holding Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in high esteem were ringed out.

On the same day, cheerful dancing parties took place in all provincial seats, too.

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