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Kim Jong Un Visits Songdowon General Foodstuff Factory

The respected Supreme LeaderĀ Kim Jong Un, together with Ri Sol Ju, gave field guidance to the Songdowon General Foodstuff Factory.

Going round various production processes of the factory after hearing the explanation at the room dedicated to its history, he learned in detail about the technical facilities and production.

Watching various foodstuffs being churned out at the worksites with food processing facilities in rows, he noted with high appreciation that the factory works hard to modernize production processes and improve the quality of products and thus has over-fulfilled its plan every year while mass-producing the products that the people highly demand and like.

Watching each kind of foodstuff produced by the factory, he said that recently the level of product packaging and trademark design has been improved remarkably in the field of the foodstuff industry, adding that the varieties of foodstuffs being produced by the factory are numerous and diverse and the packaging is diverse and its level is very high.

Saying it is very good that the products of the factory are supplied to the whole country as well as to the province and they were appreciated as being not inferior to the products of central foodstuff factories, he called for conducting active competition among foodstuff factories across the country and thus bringing about a surge in production and expanding successes through a drive in which one learns from others and overtakes others.

Stressing the need to ensure the strict and correct inspection of quality and control over foodstuffs of different storage conditions in keeping with the increasing varieties of products, he said that in particular, it is necessary to strengthen the product inspection system for thoroughly guaranteeing the quality and hygiene security of the foodstuffs and medicine which have direct impact on the health and life of people and to improve and modernize the inspection method and means.

Saying that the factory should push ahead with the modernization drive for putting more perfectly all production processes on an automated, unmanned and germ-free basis, holding aloft the banner of self-reliance and relying on our own technical force, materials and equipment and thus turn itself into a production base with Juche character which is operated with locally available raw materials, he stressed the need to set a correct long-term goal and make tenacious efforts to attain it.

He said that the sci-tech learning space should be effectively operated to prepare the employees to be knowledge-based working people so that they do their shares in technical updating of production processes and modernization of equipment and to make sure that new ideas of technical innovations and original concepts are produced from among the producer masses.

He had a photo session with the officials and employees of the factory, after voicing his expectation and conviction that they would conduct the management activities well and produce more quality foodstuffs and thus more fully demonstrate the honor of being a factory loved by the people and a factory serving them.

He was accompanied by Hang Kwang Sang and Jo Yong Won, leading officials of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

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