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Poman-ri Given A Facelift

Poman-ri in Sohung County, North Hwanghae Province, has been reconstructed as befits a model of modern socialist rural village.

A ceremony took place on June 3 to inaugurate the reconstructed Poman-ri seat.

It was attended by Im Hun, chairman of the People’s Committee of North Hwanghae Province, Jo Tong Chol, vice-chairman of the provincial committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, relevant officials and working people in Sohung County.

Im Hun said in his inaugural speech that officials and working people in the province turned out as one in the effort to develop the Poman Cooperative Farm, true to the intention of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who took measures to upgrade Poman-ri.

All farmers should introduce advanced farming methods and techniques by raising a wave of scientific farming, run the livestock and fish-farming bases scrupulously, increase the production of vegetable, mushroom and fruit, and especially work hard to reap a rich harvest without fail this year, he noted.

After the ceremony the participants looked round various places of the farm.


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