Documentary: “Korean Socialism Which Guarantees Full Human Rights”

The DPRK’s human rights record is one the progressive peoples of the world can look on with envy and longing, viewing the harmonious and equal society promoted by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea as a true representative of socialist ideals and morality, caring and fulfilling every persons needs and rights under the direction of a revolutionary party and state made up of the working classes. It is up to all the progressive people of the western world to resolutely smash the racist imperialist line on the DPRK’s human rights and promote the truly people-first politics of the leaders and Party of the DPRK. With the Juche Idea firmly in our minds and hearts, man will always be the master of his trajectory and destiny, overcoming all economic, political, social, cultural, and natural difficulties so all in this world works for the benefit of all humanity. As long as the Korean revolution continues to not only survive but succeed and thrive even with the harshest sanctions racket unprecedented in human history, the people of the world will have a guiding lighthouse of revolutionary socialism.

Categories: Documentaries, Education

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